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Northeast Airlines
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This is a list of our current aircraft we use. Down loads will be available SOON!
"Come Fly The Yellowbirds."



The Boeing 737-400. The star of our fleet. The most popular airliner in the world. Used for Northeast Airlines NEUS and NECCS.  Boeing's second generation of 737s was launched in March 1981. The second series features all-new engines, wing modifications, and a new flight deck.
Powerplant: 2 CFM International CFM56-3C-1 turbofans rated at 20,000 lbst
Dimensions: length: 109 ft 7 in; height: 36 ft 6 in; wing span: 94 ft 4 in
Weights: empty operating: 70,320 lb; MTOW: 124,500 lb
Performance: cruise speed: 429 kts; range: 2,830 nm
Passeners: 128 (two-class)



The Triple Seven is a widebody twinjet seating 300-350 passengers, and it is designed for intercontinental and transcontinental routes. It fills the gap between the 767 and 747.*Our 777-200 fleet is undergoing a overhaul on the planes. A new paintjob and a full check to make sure our planes are in top working order.


Powerplant: 2 General Electric GE90, Pratt & Whitney PW4000 or Rolls-Royce Trent 800 turbofans

Dimensions: length: 210 ft 0 in; height: 60 ft 10 in; wing span: 199 ft 11 in
Weights: empty operating: 298,900 lbs ; MTOW: 506,000 lb
Performance: cruise speed: 484 mph; range: 4,050 nm
Passeners: 305-350 (three-class)



The Boeing 727-200. This plane gives us another great plane to operate. This classic aircraft helps us in our NEUS flights. Giving us the help we need in US domestic flights.  Taking some of the strain of our 737's. The 727, a 145-seat three-engine transport for domestic trunk routes, was Boeing's second jetliner after the 707. By many, the 727 is considered the most successful jetliner ever. A total of 1,832 727s were built, many of which are still in service, with American, Continental, Delta, Northeast, TWA, Northwest, United, Atlantic Sun, and many others. This aircraft is fitted with the hush conversion kit and meets federal noise level requirements.



Powerplant: 3 Pratt & Whitney JT8D-9A turbofans, each flat rated at 14,500 lbst; also available with the uprated JT8D-11, -15, -17, and -17R
Dimensions: length: 153 ft 2 in; height: 34 ft 0 in; wing span: 108 ft 0 in
Weights: empty operating: 100,000 lb; MTOW: 184,000 lb
Performance: cruise speed: 471 kts; range: 3,706 nm
Passeners: 145 (two-class); 189 (all economy)


SABB 340

The SABB 340, a short range twin turbo prop plane. Northeast Uses it in NECCS and short NEUS flights only if no other plane is avaible.
Powerplant: 2 Pratt & Whittney Canada PW120 turboprops, each rated at 1,342 kW (1,800 shp)
Dimensions: length: 40 ft 4.5 in; height: 20 ft 810.75 in; wing span: 60 ft 7.5 in
Weights: empty operating: 22,674 lb; MTOW: 36,817 lb
Performance: cruise speed: 269 kts; range: 1,050 nm
Passeners: 35