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Northeast Airlines
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Remembering The Past

If you can remember the past in flight simulator 98 Northeast Airlines was one of the biggest and first VA's "Virtual Airlines." It was #1 for a long time but after the new flight simulators came out such as flight simulator 2000 and 2002 Northeast Airlines slowly faded away. But now in The year 2002 a new leader has emerged. One that is bound to bring Northeast Airlines back to the flight simulator gaming world! Welcome and get ready beacause we are back, and better than ever! "Come fly the yellowbirlds." 
Our old site is still up and running.

Northeast Airlines Sections

Northeast Airlines operates under 3 sections. NECCS, NEUS, and NEIF.

Northeast City Commuter Service - This a service provided by Northeast Airlines for bussnesses and any person needing to go to a near by city quickly. We use a small commuter plane the SABB 340 made for hoping from one city to another, such as New York to Boston or  Detroit to Chicago. Most flghts under 300 miles.
Northeast United States -  This is Northeast Domestic flights around the United States Of America. The fleet inclues the 737-400, and the 727-300. Most of Northeast's flights are NEUS. Such flights are New York to Miami or  Chicago to Seattle. Most flights over 300 miles.
 Northeast Airlines International Flights - This is Northeast Airlines International section. This handles all out of the country. Aircraft used for this is the Boeing 777-200. Such flights include New York to London and Hawaii to Tokyo. These are all flights out of the country. *Our 777-200 fleet is undergoing a overhaul on the planes. A new paintjob and a full check to make sure our planes are in top working order.

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New Plane

In remembering all the people who died on September 11th, 2001. Northeast Airlines has made a plane for remembering the people who died that day. Painted in red white and blue it will Take off from Boston and follow the path taken by the doomed jetliners that September moring. I will take off from boston around 8:00 flying west to Albany then over Albany it will turn south and fly over New York City and the World Trade Center Site. Then It will fly South West to Washington D.C. and fly over the Pentigon and come in for a landing at Washington Dulles International. This is a dream Fleet Aircraft Any one who has the dreamfleet 737-400 will receve this aircraft. Antherplane is in the making for anyone who does not have the dreamfleet 737-400. That plane will be decided later. It will have the same paint as the 737. Thank you and god bless america.


Northeast News

  The new dreamfleet 737-400 USA colors is now avalible. It will be used on the 9/11/02 flight. Another plane still to be decided will be used for people who do not have the dreamfleet 737-400. For more info contact Northeast CEO.
Northeast Airlines CEO is thrilled with the VA now on the side we are opening a flying club.The flying club will be called Delta Flying Club.  Made for fans of light aircraft such as Cessnas and Pipers. The Delta Flying Club will open next week. More info will be avlible on this site soon!
 A shipment of our new SABB 340 short range twin turbo prop has arrived and now in service with NECCS and NEUS. 
Our new 777's are almost done. The factory is just finishing the check on them and they should be here in a few days.

Northeast Failed to open on 7/13/02 due to a computer virus. Now we are back and better then ever with a new fleet of airplanes and a whole new plan!
NORTHEAST AIRLINES the newest virtual airline for FS2002
Our new shipment of 727-300's has arrived. This plane gives us another great plane to operate. This classic plane helps us in our NEUS flights. Giving us the help we need in US domestic flights.
New shipment of 737s have arived. These planes are the star of our fleet. They are great for short or long hops across the US.
The change has begun. We have started the overhaul on our fleet. New planes with a new paint job, and a redo of our site. 

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.